sedona-az-yoga-teacher-surya-omYogi Surya Om – Yoga Instructor RYT-200, 500, 800hr

Yogi Surya Om is a devoted student and disciple of Sri Dharma Mittra. She has completed the 200hr, 500hr, and 800hr “Life of a Yogi” teacher trainings at the New York City Dharma Yoga Center. Her dedication and perseverance in preserving these yogic traditions has allowed her to spend countless hours immersed Sri Dharma’s presence. She has currently branched out from the New York City in order to spread the legacy passed on to her directly from the source. Her recent completion of the 300hr Maui Hot Yoga teacher training in the winter of 2012 has added knowledge of Bikram and Astanga traditions to her practice and teaching.

Through this practice, Surya offers students an authentic, pure, and clear transmission of teachings that have been preserved in this tradition of masters from the east. This oral tradition passed on directly from teacher to disciple has proven successful for many yogis of the past.

Surya steadily challenges students to go beyond inherited limitations while holding space for unlimited growth spiritually, mentally, and physically. You can find more on Yogi Surya Om and her offerings at and



sedona-az-yoga-teacher-carrie-konyhaCarrie Konyha – Yoga Instructor RYT 200


Carrie is a certified hatha yoga instructor & professional dancer/dance instructor who has been practicing raja yoga for nearly 25 years and teaching both yoga & dance 15 years. Being a life long spiritual seeker, she has studied many branches of yoga including classical hatha yoga, medical yoga, vinyasa, yin & bhakti yoga with a specialized focus in the areas of meditation & intuitive development. Carrie is an experienced teacher with a 30 year career in dance & personal development coaching. Her classes are rooted in a solid asana practice & encompass teachings that support self-healing, increased mindfulness & spiritually centered, holistically balanced living.

You can find more on Carrie and her offerings at , and




Valerie Irons – Kirtan Artist

Valerie Irons is an artist, sound alchemist and kirtan wallah living in Sedona, AZ. She founded Bhakti Tribe Sedona in 2010, bringing kirtan and devotional music to the Red Rocks of Sedona. She is dedicated to divine healing through the arts. She is inspired by divine love and is deeply grateful.

You can find more on Valerie and her offerings at



Sean Cooke – Yoga Instructor

Sean has lived in the Sedona area for over 40 years and began practicing yoga in 2000. Keeping it simple with intentional breathing and quieting the mind’s agitation are key to Sean’s style. Facilitating classes gives him the joy of sharing the ongoing experience and being part of the growing web of yoga across the world.

Sean received teacher training in Astānga and Raja based Vinyasa Flow Yoga in 2003 from Devi Yoga in Sedona and has continued his education with Doug Swenson, Darren Rhodes and other fabulous Yogis and Yoginis.

You can find more about Sean and his offerings at



sedona-yoga-shala-teacher-Danielle-GrayDanielle Gray - Yoga Instructor RYT-200, 500

The practice of Dharma Yoga found Danielle in 2010, and after her very first class, she began to immerse herself in it, feeling a deep calling to share it with others. She participated in the 200-hour “Life of a Yogi” teacher training program in June 2011 (completing her certification the following May), and she completed her 500-hour certification in May 2013. Additionally, she has over 18 years of experience studying dance & movement, which greatly informs her yoga instruction, especially in the aspects of anatomy and alignment.



Linda Whittington – Yoga Instructor RYT 200

Linda was first introduced to yoga in 2002. With that first down dog she felt a connection to the Divine and knew that yoga would become a big part of her life. For the first time she truly connected to her breathe and was opened up to a lifelong journey deep within. The physical benefits were lifesaving as well. Having suffered from back issues all through her 20′s, Linda was amazed to find that once she started stretching her body on a regular basis her back issues disappeared. Linda’s journey with yoga continued to deepen and in the late summer of 2011 while hiking by herself in Grand Teton National Park she felt a deep calling to become a yoga teacher. By October 2011 she graduated from a 200 hour Yoga Alliance accredited teacher training through the Teton Yoga Shala in Jackson Wyoming. Yoga has changed Linda’s life in every aspect and has brought her more into the realm of LOVE. Her passion is to share that love and her journey with her students because the more we open up to one another the more we open up to connection. While attending the 200 hour yoga teacher training Linda was guided to share the joy of yoga with adults and children. She has been working with children of all ages since 2001 in many different aspects and likes to think that the children she works with teach her more than she teaches them. In May of 2011 Linda traveled to Boulder Colorado and completed a kids yoga teacher training through Rainbow Kids Yoga.



Soni Gangadean - Yoga Instructor

Born into a lineage of Yogis from India, (including her grandfather, Dewan, who was one of the pioneers introducing Yoga to the West in the 1940′s), Soni has essentially been a student & teacher of Yoga throughout her entire life.

It was in 1989 when fate landed her in the remote jungle of Costa Rica on a Yoga retreat that she realized she had inherited the “Gift” from that lineage along with the knowing that Yoga was her True path. Never looking back, she moved to Costa Rica spending the next ten years living & working at an exclusive retreat center where Yoga became her passion & way of life. It was there that she was blessed with the opportunity to study with some of the most renowned Yoga teachers in the world, including David Swenson (astanga), the late Larry Shultz (vinyasa flow), Mary Jarvis (bikram), & many others to whom she is forever grateful. At the same time she was aked to teach by the locals and was able to develop her own unique teaching style which became the culmination of all she had been born into, learning, & experiencing.

It was in 1999 after a pilgrimage to India (returning her grandmother Devi’s ashes to the Ganga river) that fate brought her to Sedona where she gave birth to her son Luke. It was six months after his birth that she , along with brothers’ Devan & Nathan (also Gifted teachers in their own Right), opened the “Devi Yoga” studio to the Sedona community. For the next 11 years, through the successful running of the studio, she gained invaluable experience in the True teachings of living the Yoga (on a multitude of levels), and remains humbled and honored to simply be able to help people remember & regognize their own Divine Light & connection.

In 2011 she reluctantly closed the studio when she knew her Soul was being called inward to receive a much deeper understanding of what her true Gift & Calling was about. Now, after almost three years of amazing, mystical, & challenging inner experiences,… she knows it is time for her to return to Service and share those Gifts once again through the teachings of Yoga.

Ajita side angle

Ajita Petra Morano - Yoga Instructor RYT-200, 500

My Yoga Journey:
I began my practice and study of Yoga in the late 80′s under Indian born S. Yesudian, the founder of the first Yoga school and retreat center in Europe. I continued my education in yoga and meditation over time, deepening my understanding of body-mind-spirit connection. I studied a variety of healing modalities and completed E-RYT 500 Yoga Therapy teacher training, which is greatly based on Iyengar’s teaching of aligning.​ ​
About the class:
My passion in teaching Yoga is to help students find the right alignment in a pose and to create a relaxed environment to experience joy, stillness and oneness. Through attention to proper alignment, weaker parts of the body will be strengthened and stiff areas of the body can release, thus awakening and realigning the whole body.
An added benefit of an emphasis on correct anatomical alignment can be the diminishing of aches and pains and improved posture. As the body moves into better alignment, less muscular effort is required and relaxation naturally increases.

get-attachment-4.aspx Riitta Thrall – Sound Healing Practitioner

Sedona resident Riitta Thrall is a Crystal Bowl Sound Practitioner, Intuitive Healer, Reiki
Master, Teacher and Ordained Minister. Originally from western Michigan, Riitta resided
in Southwest Florida for 10 years where she studied Buddhism, opened her own healing
center, Heart and Soul Spiritual Center and continue to create one of a kind gemstone
jewelry. She is passionate about sharing the healing powers of the Crystal Bowls and
bringing balance back to those who seek her assistance



100_7219Barbara Korte – Sound/Energy Practitioner 

Sedona resident Barbara Korte is a Sound/Energy Practitioner, Reverend, Counselor,
Life Coach,Teacher and Intuitive Reader. She has travelled the world to teach, seek and
heal those in need of her service. Barbara is here to help her clients release blocks at a
cellular level, clearing the way for a life filled with passion and love.