sedona-az-yoga-teacher-surya-omYogi Surya Om –  RYT-200, 500, 800hr

Yogi Surya Om is a devoted student and disciple of Sri Dharma Mittra. She has completed the 200hr, 500hr, and 800hr “Life of a Yogi” teacher trainings at the New York City Dharma Yoga Center. Her dedication and perseverance in preserving these yogic traditions has allowed her to spend countless hours immersed Sri Dharma’s presence. She has currently branched out from the New York City in order to spread the legacy passed on to her directly from the source. Her recent completion of the 300hr Maui Hot Yoga teacher training in the winter of 2012 has added knowledge of Bikram and Astanga traditions to her practice and teaching. Through this practice, Surya offers students an authentic, pure, and clear transmission of teachings that have been preserved in this tradition of masters from the east. This oral tradition passed on directly from teacher to disciple has proven successful for many yogis of the past. Surya steadily challenges students to go beyond inherited limitations while holding space for unlimited growth spiritually, mentally, and physically. You can find more on Yogi Surya Om and her offerings at and _________________________________________________________________________________

 Vicki Howie

Vicki Howie – E-RYT

Vicki fell in love with yoga over two decades ago, and has been teaching it since 2000. As a Sedona newbie (recent L.A. transplant), she is beyond ecstatic to be teaching here and experiencing the sacred beauty and energy of the red rocks every day. A daily practitioner, Vicki finds peace of mind and heart on her mat and has even reversed much of her scoliosis over the years! She has taught almost every style and level of yoga, and has become a huge chakra enthusiast. She’s the Creator of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™ and offers chakra info and products on her website, Vicki loves sharing yoga with her students. It has been the single most transformational force in her life, and she’s hoping it will do the same for you! _________________________________________________________________________________


Carrie Konyha –  RYT 200

Carrie is a certified hatha yoga instructor & professional dancer/dance instructor who has been practicing raja yoga for nearly 25 years and teaching both yoga & dance 15 years. Being a life long spiritual seeker, she has studied many branches of yoga including classical hatha yoga, medical yoga, vinyasa, yin & bhakti yoga with a specialized focus in the areas of meditation & intuitive development. Carrie is an experienced teacher with a 30 year career in dance & personal development coaching. Her classes are rooted in a solid asana practice & encompass teachings that support self-healing, increased mindfulness & spiritually centered, holistically balanced living. You can find more on Carrie and her offerings at , and _________________________________________________________________________________ 5-4-15

Rukmini Devi –  RYT-200, 500

(Danielle Gray) “The practice of Dharma Yoga found Rukmini in 2010, and after her very first class, she began to immerse herself in it. She discovered, through deep self-practice, that this tradition of yoga is an incredibly powerful tool for transformation – like nothing else she has ever experienced. After observing the way her life began to shift for the better in every aspect, she naturally felt a deep calling to share this practice with others. She participated in Dharma Mittra’s 200-hour “Life of a Yogi” teacher training program in June 2011 (completing her certification the following May), and she completed her 500-hour certification in May 2013. She will be studying extensively with Sri Dharma Mittra this summer, attending his advanced 800-hour training in August. Additionally, she has over 18 years of experience studying dance & movement, which greatly informs her yoga instruction, especially in the aspects of anatomy and alignment. _______________________________________________________________________________

christy first headshotChristy Mckinnon

Christy is a graduate of Bhava Yoga School in Portland, Maine and has instinctively used movement as therapy her whole life. In her quest for “completion” she found yoga. And in yoga, discovered that “complete” or “finished” is just a continuation of all the fairy tales we learned when we were kids. The challenge she accepts and presents for her students is realizing we are perfect, whole and complete – just as we are. We need only continue peeling back those layers of defense; continuing the work of reaching our intrinsic divine power through asana, meditation, chanting and breathwork – revealing slowly the masterpiece that is each defenseless soul. All the while remaining satisfied – exactly in the place where we stand. Breathing deep belly breaths into every moment. Eyes wide open.
In both her yin and vinyasa classes, Christy uses the healing power of crystal bowls, gentle reiki adjustments, guided meditations and when called to – yoga nidra. She believes in the magic of each body discovering its own personal expression of power, flexibility and balance and uses this guiding principle in every class.
Christy is a recent transplant to Sedona, a reiki practitioner and budding herbalist. She lives with her four legged cuddlekins of a pup, Mochi – who is by far the most accomplished yogi she has had the pleasure of studying with. Cuddlepuddle yoga is her specialty.


Rachelle MartinezRachelle Martinez

Growing up between the mountains of Colorado and heat of the south, I have had different cultures to learn and evolve from. Starting my asana learning as a teenager in my room from books and dvd’s, I soon graduated from high school and decided to get more actively involved with something i loved to do. In 2006 I went to a small intro into teaching yoga. From there I started teaching family, friends, and free classes. By the end of that year I took an other small training to gain more knowledge to help with anatomy and physical asana. At that time I started teaching in a local gym in Alabama and got my personal training certificate as well as other group fitness certifications. The beautiful thing at this time of teaching was that my drive to help and expand my students minds and bodies with yoga was exponential! I soon wanted a more deep practice of my own and would travel to larger cities to take workshops of all different practices. I then took a small weekend intensive with a Anusara teachers Martin and Jordan Kirk that really changed my life. I then searched for a more in-depth training and found Mount Madonna Institute. I took a 200 hour training in 2010 with amazing teachers in Philosophy, Ayreveda, teaching methodologies, techniques of Ashtanga practices and much more. Having the first several years of teaching before this training really helped in my learning at this temple. Our guru Baba Hari Dass is a beautiful and pillar of knowledge that we would meet with at lease once a week in our program. The depth of knowledge and tradition the center held was truly powerful for me to experience. Since then I have taught in Nashville studios for 4 plus years and then moved back to the colorado mountains to teach and be back where I truly loved to be (high mountains). Then transitioned to Sedona to be with my partner and have a beautiful baby girl. I am truly grateful to share what I have learned with others and hold space for others to heal, restore, and gain empowerment through yoga. Bringing love, compassion, and depth to all my classes so when you leave you feel like the pure and highest Self that you are.


Darcy CavenaughDarcy Cavanaugh

For Darcy, teaching and Yoga are all about connection.  How we can more deeply connect, to our breath, body, spirit, and each other. She has always prioritized movement and spirit, but when she found Yoga it was official.  Her background includes Buddhism and Psychology, and after her first YTT in Colorado,  she discovered the teachings and students of Baba Hari Dass.  As a student of Babaji, she completed her advanced YTT500 at Mount Madonna Center, where she lived for several years before discovering the magic of Sedona.  She’s also a Licensed Massage Therapist, whose focus is helping others find ease in their own bodies. She draws from the principles of mindfulness and somatic awareness, having studied Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa, Restorative Yoga, Mantra, Ayurveda, and many modalities of somatic therapies.  A student of many traditions, her focus is on Classical Yoga, and connecting our modern lives with the power of these ancient teachings.  At the end of the day, she’s often busy trying not to take herself too seriously :0).


UnknownTamara Faust

Since the turn of the century, Tamara has been passionately involved in the healing arts as a path to empowerment, inner and outer strength, radiant joy and compassionate love. In her healing sessions, whether in a group class or one-on-one, Tamara incorporates a variety of techniques including Ayurvedic healing, Thai massage, neuromuscular massage, cranial sacral therapy, energy work, mindfulness meditation and yoga. Her integrative approach to yoga blends many styles including traditional Hatha, alignment based power yoga, Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, free flow Vinyasa and Intuitive movement. Tamara is experienced helping people with a variety of needs such as chronic pain, fibromyalgia, insomnia, PTSD and other nervous system disorders, digestive imbalances, women’s health, perimenopause and hormonal balancing. Coming from former career paths as a landscape architect, organic farmer, canyoneering guide, rape crisis counselor, and “Safe Touch” community educator, Tamara’s eclectic background contributes to her ability to serve diverse populations and their unique needs. Her current vocational focus includes supporting the journeys of women who are in major life transition (such as a “midlife crisis”), where they are called upon to redefine their identity and reach towards their soul’s purpose in life. Tamara lives and works in Sedona, AZ. For more information, visit


anna-0417Anna Sirotin

Anna has been practicing yoga for 7+ years all over the country. She earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2011 and has since expanded her skills sets to include Myofascial Release, Reiki, and Postural Restoration. Earning her 200 hour teacher training certification from the 7 Centers Yoga Arts Studio  in Sedona, AZ, she continues to evolve spiritually, mentally and physically as a student and practitioner. She also loves peacocks and goji berries!   ___________________________________________________________________________

Aya Sheevaya

Aya is a celebration artist and yogi, known as the creator of the StarWheel neo-mandalas. The founder of the non-profit StarWheel Foundation and of the online School of Sacred Geometry, Aya holds the vision of an international School of Celebratory Arts. Moving to Sedona, Arizona, in 1997, Aya has been involved with sacred arts classes & events, mandala creation, Sedona guided tours, labyrinth making and Sacred Geometry teaching. Aya has presented several StarWheel art exhibits, has sponsored community awareness events at the Sedona Library, has developed, in collaboration with Gardens for Humanity, the Peace Garden arboretum at the Sedona Creative Life Center, was a speaker at the Sacred Geometry Conference (Sedona, 2004), co-designed several labyrinth sites (The Lodge at Sedona, Magosʼ Ranch…), and was on the management team of the Raw Spirit Festival in 2006 – 2008. Aya’s visionary dream, supported by his non-profit educational organization, The StarWheel Foundation, is the co-creation of an international eco-village “The School of Celebratory Arts” that would be a green environment encouraging young people of all nations to develop their creative consciousness and thus contribute to a new, spirited, life-respecting global civilization on Earth. ( Since 2012, Aya is dancing the body divine, after his re-discovery of Yoga, Partner Yoga and AcroYoga. Aya is currently the Jam coordinator for Sedona and a teacher of yoga swing asanas. ____________________________________________________________________________

Sean-Neesley Sean Neesley – RYT 500

Sean Neesley is a 500hr RYT with an emphasis in Hatha and Yoga Therapy. He has been practicing for over 12 years and began teaching in 2013. Raised among the Red Rocks of Sedona, Sean brings his passion for exploration and adventure to yoga and applies it in equal force to the internal realm. Incorporating therapeutic benefits, mythology and symbolism his classes balance discipline, patience and a little humor to build a strong foundational practice with an eye for the bigger picture. For Sean, teaching yoga is a blessing and an honor as it is demands the culmination of the whole being into the present moment.

sedona-az-kirtan-valerie-ironsValerie Irons – Sound Healing Practitioner & Kirtan Artist

Valerie Irons is an artist, sound alchemist and kirtan wallah living in Sedona, AZ. She founded Bhakti Tribe Sedona in 2010, bringing kirtan and devotional music to the Red Rocks of Sedona. She is dedicated to divine healing through the arts. She is inspired by divine love and is deeply grateful. You can find more on Valerie and her offerings at

get-attachment-4.aspxRiitta Thrall – Sound Healing Practitioner

Sedona resident Riitta Thrall is a Crystal Bowl Sound Practitioner, Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master, Teacher and Ordained Minister. Originally from western Michigan, Riitta resided in Southwest Florida for 10 years where she studied Buddhism, opened her own healing center, Heart and Soul Spiritual Center and continue to create one of a kind gemstone jewelry. She is passionate about sharing the healing powers of the Crystal Bowls and bringing balance back to those who seek her assistance


Barbara Korte – Sound Healing & Energy Practitioner 

Sedona resident Barbara Korte is a Sound/Energy Practitioner, Reverend, Counselor, Life Coach,Teacher and Intuitive Reader. She has travelled the world to teach, seek and heal those in need of her service. Barbara is here to help her clients release blocks at a cellular level, clearing the way for a life filled with passion and love.


Bryan Huseby CPT, CES

Consciousness Centered Healing & Yoga Bryan’s yoga and healing embodies the core values of Self-awareness, compassion and patience with an expert working knowledge of anatomy, physiology, energy and the mind-body relationship that has been established through more than 14 years of energy healing, consciousness development, advanced spiritual studies, yoga, meditation, personal training and postural corrective exercise. Each class and service are sure to support and inspire you toward the ultimate purpose of knowing the Self while attaining your personal health and life goals. Bryan is a certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He has toured the East Coast for the past eight years offering healing services and spiritual guidance for the purpose of knowing the Self. Bryan is currently enrolled in the University of Metaphysics of Sedona and is in the process of completing his Bachelors in Ministry.