Sedona Yoga Shala offers over 30 classes a week in diverse yoga styles!

We ask students arrive to class 10 minutes early to get signed in and settled into your practice. Students arriving late will be asked not to disturb a class already in session. Thank you for helping us maintain a sacred space for our practices to flourish.

We do reserve the right to change instructors or classes at any time. The most updated class listing & instructor can always be found on our Online Schedule (opens in a new window). Thank you!


Yogi-Surya-Om-yoga-Sedona-ArizDharma Yoga – Yogi Surya Om

This practice builds on the fundamentals of yoga, and is designed for those wishing to advance in posture practice. Dharma yoga will ignite the entire bodily system through practice. A series of deeper balancing, stretching, back bending, twisting and inverted variations. This practice finishes with Deep Relaxation, breathing practices, and concentration/meditation, which will induce deep calm and simultaneously invigorate the students.





Carrie-Konyha-yoga-Sedona-AZGentle Hatha Yoga – Carrie Konyha
A classical Hatha yoga class suitable for beginners and open to all. Develop a strong foundation while exploring variety & cultivating a balanced yoga practice! The focus of this class encompasses instruction in meditation (focus), pranayama (breathing) and asana (postures) with the intention of developing energy awareness & a deeper mind, body, heart & spirit connection with yourself through guided yoga practice. This is a great class for those new to Yoga and those preferring a gentle hatha yoga practice.



Yogi-Surya-Om-yoga-Sedona-ArizMaster Class – Yogi Surya Om
All Yogis are welcome to greet the dawn with this invigorating Dharma Mittra inspired practice. Replace the caffeine with Prana as you awaken the energy centers in the spine and bring circulation to all parts of body. Detox, replenish and renew the body and you tone muscles, freshen complexion, and gain mental mastery through stilling the mind.





Sean-Cooke-yoga-instructor-posePrana Vinyasa – Sean Cooke
An Astānga based weaving of awakening and opening asanas with focused breathing to integrate strength, balance, flexibility, cleansing and prana flow into a seamless tapestry of moving meditation.





Restorative Yoga – Rachelle Martinez
This class offers all the benefits that yoga provides in spite of any limitations that may have stopped you. Slow moving postures that are supported by a chair or wall, will support us through our practice. This rehabilitating practice is for any injuries or challenges that may have come into your life and help you to look at them as opportunities to grow as a creative and loving being for those around you and for yourself! Excellent class for elderly and people that have injuries from participating in high impact sports.



yoga-mantra-sedona-arizona-valerie-ironsSlow Flow + Mantra – Carrie Konyha & Valerie Irons
Join us for a unique experience of healing sound & mantra vibrations complimenting a slow flow yoga practice. Class begins and ends with heart-opening kirtan, as melodic melodies and harmonium tones ease you through the asanas with more presence and completeness.